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Why You Should Choose to Reglaze Glasses rather than Get New Ones


If you’re someone who needs to wear prescription spectacles, then it’s obviously very important that you make sure your pair is in good working order. If your specs become damaged or you get a new prescription, you might think that you’ll need to purchase a whole new pair.

However, choosing to reglaze glasses rather than replace them entirely can prove to be a superior choice for several great reasons. All you need to do is replace the lens, so you can keep all the benefits of your previous frame.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of choosing to reglaze glasses rather than buy a new pair.


Saves money

Buying a new pair of prescription spectacles can be pretty expensive, especially if you want the best of the best brands. If you choose to instead reglaze glasses it means that you won’t have to spend hundreds on a whole new pair.

This is especially useful if you don’t have eyewear or vision insurance as the costs of purchasing a brand new pair of prescription spectacles can be extreme. In many cases, getting a whole new pair may not be financially viable and you could be left without an adequate visual aid.


Saves time

Other than the highly attractive benefit of costing less money, choosing to reglaze glasses also means you’ll save a bunch of your valuable time you would otherwise spend hunting for a new pair. Getting a new pair of prescription spectacles can be a very time consuming process, involving eye testing, frame selection, frame fitting and delivery.

When you choose to reglaze glasses you can bypass all of these time consuming steps and get back to enjoying crisp, clear vision sooner rather than later. You won’t need to waste any time re-fitting frames or selecting the right size and shape for your face, as you will have already done all of that with you original pair of prescription spectacles.


Maintain your style

If you already know you have the perfect pair of prescription spectacles, then choosing to reglaze glasses means you can keep your style while still maintaining clear vision. If you’ve already spent heaps of time agonizing over finding the perfect pair to suit your style and facial features, then it doesn’t make sense to start that process all over again just because they were damaged or your prescription changes.

stylish glasses


Can do it to any pair

Another advantage of this process is that it can be done to pretty much any kind of pair you can think of. It doesn’t matter how obscure or unusual your specs are, you can get them re-fitted with a new lens that gives you the perfect clarity of vision you enjoyed before.


Your prescription is liable to change

Your eyes will change a great deal over the course of your life, and while some people are born with visual impairments, others develop these conditions over time. Many people have worn spectacles their whole lives while others may only ever get their first pair once they’re older and their vision naturally deteriorates.

If you are someone who knows that their prescription can or will change in the future, choosing to reglaze glasses is a far more convenient solution than buying a whole new pair. By doing this, you can easily keep you prescription up to date so that you don’t run the risk of eye strain or worsening your visual impairment.

As you can see, there are a bunch of great benefits to undertaking this process rather than forking out for an entirely new pair of prescription spectacles.





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Top Tips for Choosing a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Sydney

Choosing a legal professional to protect you in court is something most of us hope we wont ever have to experience, but sometimes things happen and we may find ourselves in difficult situations. This is where attorneys come in, it is their job to plead the case of their client. So, if you do find yourself in a situation where you’re in need of legal help, how do you choose the best criminal defence lawyer in Sydney? With so many criminal defence lawyers Sydney it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. So here are some top tips for choosing the most appropriate one.


1. The first thing you need to think about is cost. Criminal defence lawyers in Sydney range in price quite drastically, so before contacting any legal professional decide what you can afford. Use your price range to whittle down the law firms then consider other aspects before selecting one. It’s important to remember that the cheapest option isn’t always the best, but nor is the most expensive. So don’t let price be the only deciding factor.


2. It is crucial to find an attorney that specializes in the sector of law your case falls into. There are many criminal defence lawyers Sydney, however, do your research before settling on one. Experience is key when it comes to attorneys, so look for someone who has numerous cases under their belt.


3. Does the attorney you’re considering have a good record of success? If not maybe give them a pass. With so many options for criminal defence lawyers in Sydney you can afford to be picky. So, find out how long the attorney has been practicing law, how many trials they have had and what the outcome of those trials were. As this is the person that will be arguing your innocence, make sure they are a trial attorney and are confident in the court room.


4. Another important factor is the legal practitioner’s relationship with the local courts. Competent and well respected criminal defence lawyers in Sydney will have good rapport with the Sydney court staff and judges. Hiring a legal professional that is well connected will greatly help your case.


5. All criminal defence lawyers in Sydney are different, each will have their own strengths and weaknesses, but finding a one with an unconventional way of thinking may work in your favour. Instead of choosing someone who is just going through the motions, opt for an attorney that will find new angles and original ways of arguing your case.


6. This may seem like an obvious one, but, it is essential to find a criminal defence lawyer in Sydney

that you trust. A good attorney is someone who you can rely on and confide in. This is the person who is pleading your innocence, so you need to trust that they will be there for you even when things get difficult. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine if the attorney in question is trustworthy or not, so the best thing to do is try to read reviews from their previous clients online. Meeting face to face is always a good way to determine if you can trust them or not, so don’t make any final decisions before meeting in person.


7. Criminal defence lawyers in Sydney often work on numerous cases at once, but you need to be certain that whoever you choose is focused on your case. After meeting the legal practitioner, you are considering, ask yourself if they appeared focused and detail orientated. Will they be there whenever you have a question? If the answer is no, perhaps they aren’t the defender for you.


8. Finally, check references. Any good criminal defence lawyer in Sydney will have previous clients, so do your research before committing. No legal professional can win every case they take on, however, you want to find someone with more wins than losses, and more positive reviews than negative.


beautiful straight hair

A Guide for Yuko Hair Straightening

Yuko hair straightening is a Japanese method of permanent hair straightening. It is very different from the traditional Keratin hair straightening method as this one is permanent.


What is Japanese hair straightening?

Japanese hair straightening is a patented method that leaves patients with beautifully straight hair. The best part about it all is that it is extremely low maintenance and results in a lovely, shiny look. It is also recognized as the leading method of chemical hair straightening.


What’s special about the Yuko method is that it is also recognized as being a great way to restore health to hair. Our everyday lives can be quite messy and often our hair doesn’t get the treatment that it deserves.


That is why the renowned Yuko method is so beneficial for everyone as it provides patients with not only permanently straight hair but also healthy hair.

Woman handcombing her silky straight hair

The ingredient that makes the Yuko hair straightening treatment so good is ‘Aqua Gold’. This solution makes any water 100% active and it becomes colloidal when added to water. What this does is it makes the ingredients a lot more effective at getting into the actual hair strand to straighten the hair and it why it lasts so much longer.


This method is supposed to improve the effectiveness of the hair straightening process by anywhere between 70% and 80% when compared to other products. The Yuko method maintains moisture and ensures that each and every hair strand is treated to achieve a glossy and straight finish.


How is it done?

Because of the thorough nature of the process it can take a few hours to complete. Whilst it may seem like it takes a long time, the results are extremely reliable and it leaves your hair straight for a very long time.


  1. Shampoo and pre-treatment

The first step is to make sure that the hair is clean and healthy. The hair is washed thoroughly with shampoo before being sprayed with some pre-treatments. The pre-treatments are designed to provide the hair with the necessary nutrients to maintain the permanent straightening.


  1. Straightening solution

This is the part where the Yuko hair straightening solution is applied to the hair. It is put on in parts and left to soak into and saturate the cuticle of the hair.


The solution is designed to change the internal structure of your hair which ultimately results in the hair bonds relaxing.  The relaxed hair bonds then mean that the hair is able to remain straight.


  1. Rinsing off

The solution is rinsed off completely with water


  1. Blow dry and iron

The stylists will spray on a number of special treatments for the hair as well as some heat protectants as they blow dry and straighten the hair with an iron. The special treatment sprays ensure that the hair remains healthy whilst the ironing is what physically straightens the hair.


  1. Neutralising solution

In order to solidify the straightening process, a neutralizing solution is applied. This helps to condition the hair so that it remains healthy as well as helping in the final process of the hair straightening. This step takes a little while as the neutralizing solution is let to work.


  1. Blow dry and iron

The final stage in the process involves rinsing off the neutralizing solution and then applying a special conditioning treatment. The conditioning treatment is the final product added to the hair to help maintain its health. The hair is then blow dried and straightened again with an iron to result in the final look.


The overall process is very straight forward and the advanced Japanese process makes for a great success leaving the hair straight for a long time.

leather sofa

A Guide to Buying the Perfect Loveseat

Buying any home furniture always requires a lot of thought and when it comes to a leather sofa or couch, a loveseat is one of the most popular and something you, or more accurately your bottom, will cherish after a long day at work.


With so many choices out there from the size of the couch to the shape, the material it’s made from, how firm you want to it be and the colour and can be a real challenge trying to find the perfect loveseat for you.


What is a loveseat?

Traditionally, a loveseat was designed for on person to be sitting on either side facing in opposite directions. It was developed in the 1700s and came about as a result of the wide dresses that were fashionable at the time and women would wear on a regular basis.


These types of seats are now common in gardens and public areas providing adequate separation between strangers whilst also allowing for couples to be close enough to each other but also having their own space.


However, these are not the type of loveseat that you would typically have in your own home. The definition, or perhaps interpretation, of a loveseat has changed and the type I am referring to is now a two-seater couch or bench of sorts that is suitable for a living room or outside sitting area.


These are perfect for the modern living room taking up minimal space whilst providing the comfort you need. They also allow for creative configuration and two can be used to create a cosy living space.


Things to consider

When choosing a loveseat for your home or office there are a few different things that need to be considered. It is important that time, effort and adequate research goes into choosing a couch as it is a long term investment and you want it to both look good and feel good.


The style that you want is the first thing that needs to be determined. It need to suit the space that it is going into a whether you want something contemporary, antique-looking or potentially even a little alternative will narrow down the selections available.


The next step is to determine the shape of the loveseat and for a two-seater couch this may seem strange but this is an important decision. Whether you want a round or squarer couch is a decision that needs to suit the surroundings of the space it is going into.


Square is often a safe choice as it works in all settings making it versatile for if you move house or change the style of your home. Round can also be a good option for those in a more open living space as it fills the room and adds a bit of style.


The last step is to choose both the material that you want to loveseat to be made from and the colour. These two need to be decided together as not all materials come in all colours and vice versa. Leather is a great option in all homes as it is comfortable and durable. It works well in all seasons making it the perfect couch for any climate. The only disadvantage of leather is that there is often a far more limited colour selection.


Choosing a soft fabric can be the go as these often allow for not only a choice of colours but also texture on the couch adding to the style of your space. They only downside of a fabric is that it is not as durable through spills of food and drink so you need to be more careful.

The benefits of having a wedding photographer in Sydney for your big day

The benefits of having a wedding photographer in Sydney for your big day

Getting married is often one of the most rewarding, yet ultimately stressful periods in one’s life. For some people, marriage is the biggest day of their life, with hundreds and hundreds of guests. For others, it’s a small celebration. You’ve organised the invitations, picked your caterer, the venue, the cake and the dresses. Up until this point, everything is going to plan. Regardless of the size of your marriage ceremony, there comes a time to pick the snapper for your big day; the one tasked with the capturing the moments that you will cherish for the rest of your life. You don’t want an amateur cameraman for your big day. You want an expert wedding photographer from Sydney to ensure that your nuptials are celebrated and captured the right way.

Equipment Expertise

Sure, using an amateur cameraman will be cheaper. Hell, you could even ask your cousin or friend to do the job on the day. That’ll cost you nothing. But are you willing to take that risk? How good are they with cameras? Will they be able to capture all the key moments from your special day?

Hiring a wedding photographer in Sydney will ensure that you are employing the services of someone with the technical expertise and knowledge of expensive camera equipment. Anyone can purchase a high-quality camera; however, it is only a professional cameraman that can unlock its full potential. On top of this, a wedding photography in Sydney will provide their own equipment and skill, meaning you don’t have to fork out big bucks for expensive equipment for your friend to use on the day.

Style and flexibility

A professional cameraman can also be incredibly flexible in terms of matching their style to yours. You want to create the type of pictures that reflect the mood and atmosphere of your once in a lifetime celebration. Only a wedding photographer in Sydney can produce the style of pictures that you want in a manner that is both professional and consistent.

Moreover, despite your best intentions, there is also a chance that things will not go to plan. With an outside marriage ceremony, there is always the chance of poor weather souring the mood. A marriage cameraman will be able to adapt quickly to unforeseen circumstances and situations, ensuring that your nuptials are an overall success.


Using the services of a wedding photographer in Sydney will guarantee that the cameraman knows their place throughout the day. Asking a friend to take pictures for the day will make their task difficult, because they want to be celebrating with everyone else.

By hiring a cameraman for your marriage ceremony, you are guaranteed to have an impartial and reliable person, whose sole job is to take pictures for the day. Every moment will be captured and nothing will be missed, which may otherwise happen if you enlist the help of a friend of the family.

Higher quality images and snapshots

By far the most obvious benefit of using an experienced wedding photographer in Sydney is the quality of the pictures taken. Using an amateur cameraman means you’re more likely to have snapshots that are blurred, out of focus and poorly taken. Acquiring the services of a wedding photographer in Sydney guarantees that your marriage pictures will be of high quality, clear and memorable.

Patience and convenience

A wedding photographer in Sydney will be patient under pressure, particularly with when dealing with different types of guests. Furthermore, having someone there to take your pictures for you is incredibly convenient and saves you the time and stress of having to worry about it on the day.

How to organise an arborist report for development applications

How to organise an arborist report for development applications

There are many different things that must be factored in when people are looking to renovate their home or complete some kind of extension. While there are many benefits to people doing things themselves, they may not realise that there are all sorts of different hoops that they have to jump through. One example of this is different council requests and approvals. These requests usually cost a fair amount of money and there are no guarantees that council will approve the project even if someone does pay for the submission. Because of this, people will want to do everything in their power to ensure that the council does approve their project so that they can quickly and easily get on with the task at hand. One of the many reasons why councils don’t want people going off and completing renovations or extensions on their own is because they want to ensure that certain things are protected. They want to ensure that their town or suburb keeps its street appeal and one way they are able to do this is by ensuring that there are no weird or wacky renovations that are completed and that stick out. Another reason is because they are looking to protect native trees which people are all too keen to cut down in order to complete their project. Because of this, people will need to learn how to organise a detailed arborist report for development applications.

Contact a company that offers this kind of service

There are many different companies out there who are able to complete an arborist report for development applications. The professionals that work at such companies are usually qualified and are able to conduct tree inspections for companies as well as households. So the first thing that people will have to do is contact such as company and organise a time for them to come to the property in order to give the tree (or trees) at hand a thorough look over. They are able to inspect the health of the tree and are able to distinguish what kind of species it is. While it is less likely that they will recommend to have it removed if it is an Australian species or endangered species, they may suggest that it can be trimmed back or even moved. It is always best that people discuss the costs involved too so that there are no nasty surprises in the long run.

What to expect from an arborist report for development applications

As most people have never heard of an arborist report for development applications before, they usually have no idea of what to expect. Once a professional has come to the property to complete the inspection, they will then go away to complete the arborist report for the development applications. This document will usually include the details of the person who has requested the report as well as in-depth detail about the tree. Several different reports will be supplied if more than one tree was inspected. They will include the age, the health, if there are any infections (such as pests inside the trunk), the diameter, the height, the species, as well as much more. The professional will usually also include a reason why they think the tree should be removed and the reasons why it shouldn’t. This means that their opinion is always unbiased and the people at the council are able to make up the decision themselves. What is known, however, is that it is much more likely that an application will be put through if someone has worked with a professional.

PR companies in Sydney

What is the Perfect Pitch Process?

PR companies in Sydney have some incredible guidelines for drafting the perfect pitch, and we’ve thrown a few together to help you on your way to pitching success!


  1. Do your research


The first thing all PR companies in Sydney do in the lead up to a pitch is to find out some essential information…


  1. Audience – know your client ahead of pitch time. Knowing their exact position and most importantly, their viewpoint and motive regarding the subject. This will arm you to speak specifically to this.


  1. Timing – did you know this is has a powerful effect on delivery? Finding out the date

may allow for topical news and events to be included, to make your argument more relevant.


Time of the week is equally important. PR companies in Sydney tend to have a consistent workweek rhythm, and try to avoid Mondays as these carry more stress, along with Fridays are they are riddled with fatigue and boredom. You want to deliver when all are at their best.


  1. Space – PR companies in Sydney also research how the presentation space can be used effectively to encourage the audience to listen in a certain way. Notice the architecture of courtrooms and lecture halls as an example of how space can affect how we perceive those speaking to us.


The better you know these, the more specifically your presentation can be tweaked.


  1. Know your rhetoric


It’s all about presenting in the most convincing way possible. It’s crucial for PR companies in Sydney to ground their point in and verifiable stats and facts. This will not only add objective truth to your pitch but will improve the credibility of your agency, in the eyes of the client.


The above is the appeal to logos (logic) and ethos (credibility). PR companies in Sydney also use techniques like style of language and storytelling to influence the emotions (pathos) in those to whom they are speaking


Check out Aristotle’s persuasion model for more rhetorical pointers that will benefit your pitch – and equip you for life! After all, every communication has a purpose. And beware of the logical fallacies all PR companies of Sydney are warned to steer clear of.


  1. Who’s in the room?


In many cases it won’t just be the primary speaker and client in the room. There’s plenty of time for mere office meetings. In almost all successful cases, a pitch by PR companies in Sydney is a team effort.


Everyone in the room must talk. To keep up the ‘logos’ and credibility, all claims made must be justified. It’s essential to have people who actually work in the business to stand up to verify relationships to PR companies in Sydney, and demonstrate exactly what they’ve done regarding the subject.


  1. Dress rehearsals


Practice is key! Generally two timed run throughs will arm PR companies in Sydney with the right amount of auto-pilot and confidence, but the more the merrier. Don’t worry if the first is a disaster. This is almost always the case.


Revise the content and know it well, so you can shift your focus to on the flow of delivery when it’s time. Nothing like a good segue! They must be smooth and clearly relevant, including in the changeover from speakers from the business and from the PR companies of Sydney.


Finally, don’t forget to consider all questions that could be asked by the client and prepare killer responses! Think about who would volunteer to answer what. PR companies in Sydney also think about what to ask the client to demonstrate an interest in understanding.

Eastwood Chinese restaurant

Dishes to try at Eastwood Chinese restaurants

A hub for great food and Asian culture, Eastwood Chinese restaurants offers some of the best food around. With so many dining locations, there’s a huge variety of food to choose from.

The amount of competition in the suburb with amazing Asian-influenced cuisine creates a high standard for its local food. With the diversity of modern Australia, you can try authentic and cultural dishes in a locality which is close to you.

You might not be sure what to try when you make your venture into an Eastwood Chinese restaurant, but don’t worry! We’ve listed some amazing dishes for you to try when you’re at your local Eastwood Chinese restaurant.

Noodle soup

A must-try classic for any food lover, noodle soup is a staple in many Asian cuisines and you can sample some delicious examples at your local Eastwood Chinese restaurant.

With so many options to choose from regarding the type of noodle, broth, and filling, you can customize your dish to suit your taste! You can choose from seafood, beef, chicken, pork or vegetarian options so this dish offers many options, while still providing the reliable experience of a noodle soup.

If you can take the heat, spicy curry soups like laksa are sure to make your mouth water! With the unique combination of curried broth and spices, a laksa noodle soup is a must-try for lovers of spice.


Another classic in Asian cuisine, stir-fried noodles are renowned for their smoky flavour and amazing taste. With the same versatility in fillings, noodle type – from egg to vermicelli – and sauce, there are so many options for you to choose the perfect stir-fry for you.

Your local Eastwood Chinese restaurant will have an amazing selection of stir-fry dishes available for you to test. Just decide what you’re in the mood for and it’ll be delivered to your table for you to test!


These amazing dumplings are made fresh at your Eastwood Chinese restaurant. With the authenticity of traditional Asian cuisine, wontons can be served separately or come with your choice of noodles.

Their unique taste is raved about – for a good reason! These dumplings are great to satisfy your hunger – although you’ll probably be left wanting more.

Share dishes

Want to try a bit of everything? No problem! Experience a traditional style of eating at your Eastwood Chinese restaurant and order some dishes for your group to share.

Accompanied with a bowl of rice, this allows you to test multiple favourites at your Eastwood Chinese restaurant – whether it’s seafood, chicken, pork, vegetables or tofu.

Bring your group along to your local Eastwood Chinese restaurant to test out what the cuisine has to offer you!


Take the opportunity when you’re at your local Eastwood Chinese restaurant to sample some delicious Asian drinks!

With elements of Asian cuisine like lychee, sago, and red bean, these drinks will be a great accompaniment to your delicious food.

Make your experience all the more authentic by trying some of the great drinks on offer at your Eastwood Chinese restaurant! You can expand your palate and taste something new.

With so many types of food available for you to taste, there’s an Asian dish you’ll love waiting out there for you. From noodles to drinks, there are so many varieties from you to choose from!

There’s an opportunity to experience authentic Asian food in your locality by trying out the amazing dining locations in Sydney. With the amount of diversity in demographic in Australia today, we’re able to test some amazing food that originates from places far away in our neighbourhood!

World Cup 2018: Facts and figures

The FIFA World Cup takes place in Russia this summer. The culmination of thousands of hours of hard work for hundreds of players will kick off on the 15th of June with 32 nations hoping that they will be the ones to lift the world-famous Jules Rimet trophy. The Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow will hold both the first and final game of the tournament, and in between there will be 62 other matches held across 11 stadiums in 11 cities, from St. Petersburg to Samara, Sochi and Yaroslavi.

Iceland (population = 334,000) and Panama (population = 4 million) will be playing in their first tournament. Brazil, on the other hand, are the only team to have played in every World Cup, winning it 5 times. The last coming against Germany in 2002, in South Korea.

As with every major sporting event, there are plenty who lament what they see as a waste of money that could be better spent on education, healthcare etc. There are also question marks about the facilities and what use they will have when the competition is over, with that in mind here are some facts and figures, issued by Russian authorities, about the impact of this World Cup

  • 100,000 jobs have been created with 13,000 people involved in the construction and renovation of stadiums.
  • Along with the 12 stadiums that have gone under development, 96 training centres have been created with a total training capacity of over 16,000 to be used by youth and children after the World Cup finishes.
  • Public services have been upgraded as part of the work to host the games. 26 transport facilities have been built or upgraded including 11 airports, 3 new metro stations and 9 roads. 13 hospitals have also been upgraded or reconstructed.
  • 3 billion people will watch the tournament with 3,000,000 to attend games, and 1,000,000 to come from overseas. 27 new hotels have been built to deal with the increased tourism which since 2011 has increased by 71%.
  • All stadiums are compliant with green building standards while 800 hectares of city parks and public green zones will be renovated as part of the world cup.
  • 115 football centres, of varying sizes will be created by 2020
  • 5,800 football coaches have undergone training to improve qualifications between the years 2011 and 2015
  • 210 football facilities were created between 2011 and 2015

Volcanic eruptions in Hawaii cause chaos

Hawaii is in the midst of an emergency due to one of the largest threats of a volcanic explosion in recent history. Kilauea, the most active of the 5 volcanoes that form the island of Hawaii is located along the southern shore of the island and has been causing panic since the beginning of May.

Having erupted consistently since 1983, the longest duration of any observed eruption, recent earthquakes along its rift zone have prompted officials to offer evacuation warnings. On May 3rd and 4th, earthquakes of 5.0 and 6.9 were detected respectively destroying houses, forcing an evacuation of up to 2,000 people, and other structures. While on May 17th, an eruption created a plume of ash that shot 30,000 feet into the air which engulfed a wide area of the Big Island.

Powerful explosions, such as this, can hurl “ballistic blocks”, the size of small cars, across a distance of more than one kilometre, while shooting smaller sized projectiles up to 20 kilometres, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) has warned. Projectiles have injured one man so far. While sitting on his balcony, molten rocks flew through the air and landed on his leg. Hitting him on the shin, the rock destroyed everything from there downwards. These lava spatters can weigh as much as a refrigerator.

There are further fears that lava may spill into the ocean causing an effect called laze. This occurs when lava reaches the sea and creates plumes of toxic gas. The USGS have warned that a chemical reaction could cause “hazy and noxious conditions”, which may contain small shards of glass and hydrochloric acid. This can cause itchy eyes, skin irritation and breathing difficulties for those subjected to it.

The volcanic activity has caused closure of the Volcano National Park and has had an extremely negative effect on tourism in the area, during what is supposed to be the busy season. Although local authorities have stressed that airports and other key attractions remain open. So far, the tourism industry is estimated to have lost up to $5 million dollars, with more explosions expected in the coming weeks and days, this figure will grow. Even in Kona, 80 miles from the eruptions and on the other side of the island, has seen a reduction in tourist income.